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Biogs of the developers

Mary Joyce

Mary Joyce completed her PhD in the School of Applied Psychology, University College Cork. During her time in UCC, Mary was a member of the Human Factors Research Group and People and Technology Research Group. Mary’s research interests are in the measurement of Internet attitudes and Internet self-efficacy. Mary is particularly interested in applying psychological knowledge to measure constructs that are relevant to people’s interaction with the Internet. Mary is also interested in using these scales in usability evaluation to explore how individual differences such as age and prior Internet experience can impact on individuals’ responses. Outside of her personal research interests, Mary is also a supervisor and tutor with the Open Education Unit in Dublin City University where she teaches on modules ‘Researching Interactions with Technology’ and ‘Human Computer Interaction’.
Jurek Kirakowski

Jurek Kirakowski comes from a practical computer science and psychology background. His speciality is quantitative measurement in human-computer interaction and he has contributed numerous books, articles, and workshops to this theme. His major research goal has been to show and indeed prove how the quality of use of Information Technology products can, and should be, quantitatively measured in an objective manner in order to support the management of developing good products. One feature of measurement in this area has always fascinated him: the large amount of individual variance not only in self-report measures but also in much more seemingly objective measures such as time on task and effectiveness. In his tenure as Statutory Lecturer in the School of Applied Psychology at University College Cork he was very fortunate to be able to learn from many gifted young students whose research he supervised. Mary Joyce took on the challenge of individual differences and developed tools to measure the variance in internet data attributable to underlying attitude.