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What is GIAS?

The GIAS (General Internet Attitude Scale) measures attitudes towards the Internet. The GIAS is a psychometrically reliable scale, and has been published in a regular peer-reviewed journal, a book chapter, and has been presented at two international conferences. See menu on left for publications.

GIAS was developed over four years of testing using rigorous psychometric testing methods with over 2,000 participants. The 21-item measure consists of four subscales that measure:

  • Internet Affect,
  • Internet Exhilaration,
  • Social Benefit of the Internet,
  • Internet Detriment.
Mary Joyce got her PhD from University College, Cork, Ireland, for her work on GIAS and ISES, the Internet Self-Efficacy scale.

The GIAS is designed for use by researchers (academics or IT professional) to identify individuals’ attitudes to the Internet.

Mary Joyce is the originator and principal researcher of GIAS. She is supported by Jurek Kirakowski her guide and one-time mentor. See the developers' bios in the menu on the left for more information.

How can I get to use GIAS?

GIAS is an online service. If you want to look at the questionnaire, just go to and insert ZZ99.999 as your password.

If you decide you want to use it in your research, please:

  1. Fill out the Application form, (see menu on left),
  2. Send an email to Mary Joyce at outlining your proposed usage AND including a scan of a letter from your supervisor, academic head, or manager on headed paper and signed by them.
Please note that BOTH the above steps (application form and email with attached letter) are required to submit a request.

Mary Joyce will reply to a correctly-issued request with a licence within one working day. Licenses are valid for 6 months from date of issue.

With the licence you will get a password that you should tell your respondents to use with the form at See below for information about the format of passwords.

If you want to find out how much data you have collected so far, or get your scored results at the end of your project, contact Mary Joyce at the above email. She'll answer within one working day.

You'll get a .csv file as a result. Select Sample Output from the menu on the left to see what you'll get.

What is a GIAS 'password'?

A GIAS password consist of two parts:
AB12 are two random letters and two random numbers we will assign to you (please don't ask for specific words or menmonics as the process is entirely automatic!)
123 are three numbers which you can make up yourself in the range 000 to 999. Please ALWAYS put in three characters - see examples below.

If we have assigned you AX34 as your general password, and you have three groups of respondents, you could for instance assign AX34.001 to one group, and AX34.200, AX34.333 to the other two. If you want to keep track of individual respondents, you could assign each respondent with their own personal password in the range AX34.000 till AX34.999.

The point is, that every record in the output starts with the password entered by the respondent (take a look at the sample output). So when you get your output, you can pop it into your spreadsheet or statistical program, and separate it out as you wish to do your statistics.